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Investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust

The real estate industry has been rallying over the last few years and more and more investors are choosing to invest in the market over other sectors due to the rising returns. Although some people have in the past chosen to invest by themselves in the market, it is important to note that it takes a lot of effort to make the right moves as an individual investor. It is up to the investor to conduct the research on each market they choose to invest in; acquire the property and then restore every inch of the property to its best form. This entails a lot of work which might be too hands-on for most investors.

Alternatively investors can choose to go through a Real Estate Investment Trust and take advantage of the opportunities of earning a return without putting in a lot of ground work. A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) usually accepts investor funds, uses them to acquire properties and then manages the properties on behalf of the shareholders. This entails doing all the ground work for you as an investor; of course at a fee. This is what we offer all our investors.

However it is important to note that it is not just as easy as finding a REIT and offering your money up. As most investors will attests to, having in depth knowledge of the company you are dealing with and their management processes is essential in gauging their success. Remember that you are in it to make money, and how the entire operation works has a huge bearing on how much money you will make.

This is where our Mission comes in handy. As a REIT focusing on single family rental properties, we strictly abide by our mission designed to ensure that we can successfully manage the processes of acquiring and managing these properties while ensuring that costs remain low for the best yield to our investors. Anyone familiar with this market segment will note that the rising home mean that REIT operations need to remain as efficient as possible in the face of these higher prices and maintain reasonable yields.

Our Mission

Our mission incorporates being a fully integrated and internally managed real estate investment company focusing on the acquisition and management of properties in the single family rentals niche.

This simply means that all operations including management and acquisitions are handled internally without engaging the services of external advisors who normally charge substantially higher fees for their services.

We enlist the services of a professional and highly qualified work force to ensure that all our operations are conducted with the necessary due diligence. As previously stated, the single family home rentals market is changing with rising home prices, keeping a lean and mean team is necessary in keeping costs down as well as making sure that everyone is always on the same page. This is how we have been able to maintain growth and favorable performance in markets such as Phoenix, Arizona where home prices have been rising by up to 25% annually.

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We are a fully integrated and internally managed real estate investment company focused on the acquisition and management of single-family properties in select communities nationwide. For more information or to receive our FREE Market Reports visit
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